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Roll play based on The anime hellsing! Choose your side. Ascariet or The hellsing organization? Or are you a rouge vampire or vampire slayer? It\'s Your choice!
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 Duke Nukem

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PostSubject: Duke Nukem   Duke Nukem Icon_minitimeFri Aug 06, 2010 10:06 am

Alright first of, i had to fix this faggy sheet in order to make it readable and literally correct, so lets fill this out with utter awesome you faggots.

Name: Duke Nukem (His name is not spelled Nuke-Em, by the way)

Age: 35 (But more sexually active than an eighteen year old)

Race: Awesome human

Organization: Single handed world saver, Equal oppotunity ass kicker, Producer of snakeskin boots and first grade pig slaughterer, all without any bounding to an organization

Personality: He`s tough, he`s cool, he`s got a deep, manly voice and lots of muscle, but most of all, he´s bad. Duke isn`t gonna fuck around, he´s gonna fuck you up.

Likes: His own games, chicks, weapons, freedom, relaxing

Dislikes: Aliens, Pigs, Rats, Lizards, Cops, just about anything hostile to him

Height: 2,10 metres or 6 feet 5 inches

Weight: 150 pounds pure muscle, baby

Abilities: Exceedingly awesome marksmanship, extreme endureance to pain, Utterly extraordinary endureance in sexual habits

Weaponary: Golden Desert Eagle, .50 AE caliber. This sidearm is actually his primary weapon, haveing an increased magazine of 10 rounds instead of 7,

Bio: After single handedly saveing earth for the fifth time, Duke was finally ready for a long, well deserved relaxation... but things weren´t going according to plan.
Major Montana Max forming an army on his watch? Never! The retired world-saver once again returned to his former state of awesome, cracking his knuckles and jumping up to bust some heads wide open. Locked, loaded and ready to go, he`s gonna rip em a new one.
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PostSubject: Re: Duke Nukem   Duke Nukem Icon_minitimeMon May 02, 2011 5:10 am

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Duke Nukem
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