Hellsing Rpg

Roll play based on The anime hellsing! Choose your side. Ascariet or The hellsing organization? Or are you a rouge vampire or vampire slayer? It\'s Your choice!
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 Something to help.

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Something to help. Empty
PostSubject: Something to help.   Something to help. Icon_minitimeSat Oct 11, 2008 3:01 pm

Name: (Your charicter's name)
Age: (Your charicter's age)
Spieces: (Human, Vampire, Half, or Ghoul-lol-)
Organization: (Which side, Ascariet, hellsing, rouge.)
Personality: (You charicter's personality)
Likes: --------------
Dislikes: ----------------
Height: (Your charicter's height)
Weight: (Your charicter's weight)
Abilities: (any special abilities or powers?)
Weapon: (Guns, Swords, Fists, Explosives, Fangs, Shadows, or You are the weapon.)
Background: (we need your charicter's past please.)
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Something to help.
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