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 Hellsing Speed Calcs

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PostSubject: Hellsing Speed Calcs   Hellsing Speed Calcs Icon_minitimeTue Sep 20, 2011 3:53 pm

An attempt at calculating the speed and reflexes of characters through canon material and powerscaling.

Foundation: Rip Van Winkle's Magic Bullet

Speed Range of the Magic Bullet: Hypersonic

Alucard was driving a SR-71 Blackbird (known as the fastest manned aircraft that can fly faster than Mach 3) at full speed downwards, so while performing a full-on nose dive, it's obvious that the speed of the jet will increase as it dives downwards, supported by the massive explosive impact it created upon crashing with The Eagle. At an altitude of 85000 meters and at Mach 2.8, this means that the jet will travel about 1000 meters per second. This means it would take 85 seconds for the plane to get there. Reviewing the manga and the OVA, about a minute should have passed since it's been confirmed the plane was traveling at Mach 2.8 speed. As such 85000 - 60000 = 25000. At this time, this would be when Rip Van Winkle fires her magic bullet towards Alucard which reached the plane in an instant otherwise within a second and she was firing it upwards. Not only did it reached the Sr-71 but it was about to consecutively pierce through it a dozen times while it was still flying down and getting hit as well as the bullet flying noticable cirles around the plane. Estimating an altitude of 20,000 before the plane gets destroyed...

20,000 mps/350 = Mach 58.3

But for safety cases, let's just round it down to Mach 20.

Alucard's Reflexes: Mach 20
(This is because he reacted, caught, and stopped the magic bullet in his mouth on his first try)

Alucard's Speed: Mach 10

Although hard to calculate, we would go with half the reaction time due to Alucard's movement/attack speed being at least that amount to catch the bullet in the first place.

Now that we have completed Alucard...

Alexander Anderson's speed (Human): Mach 10
(When they first fought, an "unprepared" Anderson was able to blitz Alucard in his normal/fully restraint state. His speed is above Mach 10 actually but not Mach 20 due to the fact that Alucard caught the magic bullet in his Level 1 state and when they first fought, Alucard was at a Level 3 state)

Alexander Anderson's speed (Monster) Mach 20
(Upon taking the first hit and going all-out offense, Anderson's attack and movement speed is Mach 20 because of the fact that Alucard could not react to his attacks despite the fact that he's facing him and was at Level 0 state and was actually serious in killing his opponent for the first time shown)

Anderson's reflexes (Human): Mach 10
(His reflexes enabled him to keep up with Alucard when they first fought as well as being able to easily react and counter direct charges and attacks from dozens of vampire soldiers that range from supersonic to low hypersonic speed and reflex)

Anderson's reflexes (Monster): Mach 10
(His reflexes should have increased but the amount is unquantifable. It's clear because Anderson was able to react to Alucard's sudden burst of speed to kill Anderson at point black range despite Anderson not even looking at him)

Walter's speed (Vampire): Mach 10
(He was able to effortlessly move at equal speeds with Alucard at Level 0 and going all-out offense as well as the fact that Walter was already in the hypersonic range as a human and being a monster should have multipled his speed. It's also known that he was able to use his extended wires to catch and render Alucard useless but that's another matter)

WAlter's reflexes (Vampire): Mach 20
(He was able to easily react to Alucard's strikes and movement as well as the fact that being rejunevated as a vampire would have multiplied his reaction time. He was able to use his reflexes to control his wires that exceeds Alucard's own reflexes).

Walter's Wire Speed: Mach 20
(The wires were able to catch and easily tag Alucard whenever Walter wanted it to and was surprised by it)

The Captain's Speed: Mach 15
(The Captain in human form was able to easily keep up with Seras who was able to blitz a squad of vampire soldiers that were shooting bullets from assasult rifles at her as well as Zorin Blitz- the top leader of said squad. He was also able to move at such speeds that he could tag across buildings like a zig-zag trail of light. Also able to blitz young, human Walter in some cases)

The Captain's Reflexes: Mach 20
(Able to catch human Walter (young and old)'s wires casually, keeping up with both Alucard and Walter on a brief fight, and keeping up with Seras Victoria.)

Seras Victoria (True Vamp)'s speed: Mach 15
(Able to blitz a top vampire and her squad of hypersonic vampires as well as being sufficient enough to keep up with the Captain's speed. Also the basis that being a true vamp, she inherited most of Alucard's powers and capabilities)

Seras Victoria (True Vamp)'s reflexes: Mach 15
(Able to react to the Captain's attacks)

Luke Valentine's speed: Mach 20
(Probably the first known speedster in Hellsing, it's implied that his speed is above any artifical vampire as well as most true vampires. Anyway, although Alucard was sufficient enough to be able to keep up with Luke's speed, it's known that through Alucard's eyes he could not see Luke's movements and even more so to his counterattacks.)

Luke Valentine's reflexes: Mach 10
(Noted for being able to easily react to Alucard's Casull bullets and is at least beyond the reflexes of other artificial vampires)

Tubalcain's Speed: Mach 10
(As a top artificial vampire as well as one with speed that can match Alucard's as well as outrun his Casull bullets, Tubalcain is around Mach 10 speed).

Tubalcain's Reflexes: Mach 10
(As a top artificial vampire as well as being a casual bullet timer able to dodge Alucard's bullets at point blank range and keep up with him)

Zorin Blitz's Speed/Reflexes: Mach 10
(As a top artificial vampire, it's assumed her prowess is above her soldiers who hold low hypersonic speed/reflexes)

Schrodinger's Speed: Mach 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 (and it goes on forever to infinite)
(The guy's omnipresent)

Standard Vampire Speed; Supersonic +
Standard Vampire Reflexes: Supersonic+

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Hellsing Speed Calcs
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